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Rules To Live By

1. Respect must be given to every member of the comm. This is a game and we're all friends here. Let's keep the atmosphere light. Easy breezy.

2. This is a small, tight-knit group. Inactivity for over two weeks without warning a mod will result in removal from the game and comm. We understand that RP isn't a huge priority. We all have lives and responsibilities so exceptions will be made accordingly.

3. Here at verusexemplar every player is allowed to begin the game with TWO characters. There's a catch; you are encouraged to make two opposite gender characters so that there is a fair amount of testosterone in the rp. You absolutely cannot begin the game playing two girl characters or two boy characters. However, if you would like to add on another character of the same sex as your first, you are able to do so after a week of active and successful play in the game. You may request an additional character (after your original boy/girl characters) in the complaint & suggestion post, found here: *Suggestions & Complaints*

4. Any disagreements between members, suggestions, concerns and such should be brought up in the complaint post, found here: *Suggestions & Complaints*. All comments will be screened for your comfort. If you are still uncomfortable with posting to the complaint & suggestion post, you can send a pm to slightlymore or unnecessary_.

5. The RP is rated PG-13 overall but we by no means shy away from adult content. It's more than welcome here at verusexemplar.

If your post is focusing on things of an adult nature we ask that you put a clear warning at the top and hide the rest of the post behind a Livejournal cut. Drug use, sex, extreme violence all make a post adult in nature. If your character uses illegal substances harder than marijuana you should bring it to the attention of a mod. It will be decided whether or not it can be written into posts. Most likely, it will be allowed.

Try to keep posts from being smut for the sake of smut. We'd like plot here as well. We understand that it's more than likely to come up and we don't mind it, but please remember that we'd like good storytelling here as well.

New members will be asked for their age on the application. Mods may check a members profile to make sure that the applicant is seventeen or older.

6. No threads. None whatsoever. It makes posts and storylines confusing and hard to follow. No one wants to sit around for hours clicking on links and trying to catch up with what they've missed. We'll comment to the POST, not the other comments.

7. This is an Original Character RP set after the trio and their classmates have all graduated but before their children are old enough to be students. Since the RP takes place at Hogwarts, we will not be accepting applications for canon characters. This is a good thing because it gives us all more room for creativity.

8. Separate journals must be created for your rpg characters. The name of the journal should somehow reflect the character you are playing. Same goes for the icons you use. And please, please make sure your pb reflects your character to the best possible degree. In other words, try not to pick people who are in their forties to play thirteen year olds.

9. Please check with other players before beginning a thread or storyline that involves their characters. By checking in with the players you are intending to interact with, it will ensure that all players are on the same page and that no one has a problem with others referencing their characters. Plus, it helps to know if someone is available to play with you. Please allow ample time for the player to respond to a message regarding plotting with/for or referencing a character.

10. Plot changing decisions should be brought up to one of the mods before being pursued. We're really much more laid back than we sound and most likely, we'll okay your plot idea. Some examples of a plot changing idea are: pregnancies, marriages, deaths, murders, something that would change canon majorly.

11. Lastly, we're pretty laid back here and so there are only two tags that you guys will be using. One is for OOC (out of character) posts and the other is for IC (in character) or roleplaying post. This means that you're allowed to post out of character in this community. We'd like for this to be a fun game and in order for it to be a fun game, we'll have to get to know each other. Fun, yes? So if somethings just happened to you and you feel like you want to share it with us, by all means, do! If you want to start a chat, post with the chatroom name. So on and so forth. This means that introduction posts are allowed and encouraged when you join. :) Just make sure that you tag the post with either ooc post or ic post.
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